Come calcola ROUVY le classifiche e controlla il sistema?


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All training activities uploaded to the ROUVY portal (from ROUVY Apps, PowerTap Mobile) and the files imported manually from verified sources via the ROUVY website (sports tester, treadmill, ergometer, GPS, etc.) are automatically included in the ROUVY rankings.

The following activity types are not included in the rankings

Manual activity 

Data entered in the training diary with no second by second data from an external device (sports tester, GPS, etc.)

Training activity marked as “Corrupted Activity“

Activity identified by automatic check or manually by the administrator as noncompliant with one of the rules for placing the activity into ROUVY rankings

The activity checking system

To qualify for ROUVY rankings, each activity has to meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Includes a speed record and the final average speed is within the interval (2;100) km/hr.
  • Includes a cadence record and the final average cadence is within the interval (20;200) rev/min.
  • Includes a heart rate record and the final average heart rate is within the interval (90;220) rev/min.
  • Includes a load record and the final average load is within the interval (100;1000) WATTs.

If none of the conditions are met, the activity is automatically marked as Corrupted activity and withdrawn from the ROUVY rankings and records.

In addition, the activity will be subject to further control if the average/min/max values of metrics are suspect for any reason. This verification process is carried out by the portal administrator. The activity control conditions may be changed from time to time. We do data verification continuously daily.


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