How to use ROUVY offline

You don’t always need an Internet connection to ride the ROUVY App. There is also an option to use it offline, anywhere, anytime.

If you want to ride ROUVY routes, you must DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS on your device and LOG IN to the App while still connected to the Internet.

We recommend browsing through all categories to load the entire content before you go offline. After that, you can start your ride.

Remember: In the offline mode, your ACTIVITIES and personal records will be uploaded once your device has been connected to the Internet again.


Successful downloading of the video

We have a whole article dedicated to this topic, check here Successful downloading of the video.
Therefore, only a few steps in brief.

Find the ROUTE you want to download and click the DOWNLOAD VIDEO button.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 20.26.59.png

After downloading, click on DOWNLOADED and here you will find all saved videos. Here, you can see all the downloaded videos and delete unwanted ones.



Situations where a Wi-fi connection is necessary

Internet connection speed is divided by your router between all connected devices (if you have 20Mbps,
4 devices connected to the Internet, it does not mean the device needed for the ROUVY App has 20Mbps). 

Below are the times when an Internet connection is required. 

  • When you first SIGN UP for the App so ROUVY can validate your SUBSCRIPTION
  • If you LOG OUT, you then have to LOG IN
  • When you need to download a video
  • When you stream a video
  • When you want to share your ACTIVITY with STRAVA, Training Peaks, etc.
  • The App will need a connection to validate that you've renewed the SUBSCRIPTION
  • App updates


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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