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In this article, we will explain in detail all the settings you can change and adjust directly in the ROUVY App, not including the changes in the appearance of your AVATAR.

To learn more about your AVATAR Customisation, please, take a look at this article.

The in-app settings are also concerned with your route settings (camera, graphics quality, as well as ghost, and other riders' visibility, etc.) - route settings are described in the section below.

Do not forget that there are more settings available in your account on the web, including changing your gender, password, date of birth, etc, please take a look at this article to find out more.


Where Do I Find Settings in the App

All the settings in the App can be managed by clicking the bottom-left corner MORE button.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 15.15.59.png

This will bring you to the following screen where you can see multiple action buttons that are described below:

Sensors   Settings   Video   Last Activities   About   Start Tutorial
My profile   Connected apps   Subscription   Logout   Exit

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 16.56.23.png


This will open an in-app page with all your connected devices.

More detailed articles on connecting your trainers can be found in this section.


This will open an in-app page with all the possible route settings.

Route settings are explained in detail here.


Contains a list of all your downloaded video routes, including information about the size of the video, its quality, and any updates on the downloading itself.

Instruction on how to download a route can be found in this article.


Includes the list of your previous activities recorded by ROUVY or imported from other apps.

This is also reflected in your training diary on your web account.

More information on activities is here.


This section has all the contact information for customer support and your app version information.


Click here and you will be taken on a short tour around the ROUVY app to help you familiarize yourself with the app.


This button will take you to your web profile on, where you can see and adjust your profile and account settings. More information on web settings is in this article.


Will redirect you to your connected apps' dashboard on your web  profile on, where you can see all the apps that you can connect to ROUVY. 


By clicking on this button you will see your current subscription plan, the button to apply a redeem code, and the list of devices - all on your web  profile on


This will log out the current user and redirect you to the login page on the ROUVY app.


Will completely close the ROUVY App on your device.



Route Settings

All the following settings can be managed by clicking the top-right corner SETTINGS ICON first, and then clicking on the SETTINGS button.

Do not forget that you can scroll down to see more available settings. You can change the options above during the ride as well.

In the list below you can see a short description of each setting, together with an additional link to further reading on the topic.

Power Unit   Auto Pause   Save warmup and cooldown   Camera Distance   Graphics Quality    
Video streaming quality   Drafting   Hide other users   Show rider labels (names)   
Show detail altitude chart   Show nearby list   Show split information    Enable sounds    
Allow panoramic view   STRAVA Live Segments   Auto 360° camera   Language   UI Scale   
Reality Level   Ghost riders count   Recommend next ride

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 16.58.20.png


Here you can change units to Watt/Kg or FTP.


When this function is ON, your ride will automatically pause if your avatar does not move (you are not pedaling) for 5 seconds or more.

When you pedal again, the ride continues.
Valid only for just Ride mode.


For the Time Trial TRIAL mode, it is possible to enable or disable the inclusion of WARMUP before the ride or COOLDOWN after the ride in the performance statistics.


Here you can change the distance of the camera view for your avatar.

  1. ME - AVATAR is hidden, you are looking directly at the road.

  2. NEAR - you are looking over your AVATAR's shoulder.

  3. MIDDLE - this is a close-up view of the AVATAR's back.

  4. FAR - A view of the AVATAR's back from a distance.


Choose between low, normal, and high values that affect the quality level of the graphical display of UI scale objects. Also, it depends on your hardware - users with poor hardware (older phones, PCs, laptops, etc.) should choose a lower-quality display.


This denotes the resolution the video is downloaded in. It is affected by your internet connection speed. If you have a strong and fast internet connection, you can stream in high quality. If not, lower streaming quality will work better for you. Another option is to download a route.


Here you can turn on/off the drafting feature.

Drafting works the same as in real-life: when you catch up just behind another rider, you will feel less resistance, making it easier to ride. You can feel it when you are approaching a rider who is from 15 to 0 meters ahead of you.


Starting from App version 2.22.0 there is a possibility to hide other riders on the route. 

Please note, the others will disappear from your view only, they will be able to see you on the route. The feature is not available in Group Rides and Races.


Starting from App version 2.18.0 you can show or hide riders' names (their labels above their heads) on the route if you find it disruptive during the ride. 


Here you can hide or show the Altitude chart during the ride.


It is a list of the riders that are close by or near you during the ride. This feature is on the left side of the screen. It also shows the names of the riders, their POWER, their CAREER LEVEL, and their distance from you.


Hide or show Splits during the ride here.


Switch the sounds on/ off. Sound is available at the race finish only.


On the ROUVY App, there are routes with PANORAMIC VIEWS. A PANORAMIC VIEW is wide and unobstructed so as to take in an extensive area in all directions. You can find the route with a PANORAMIC VIEW in the ROUTE CATALOGUE under the heading EXPLORE THE WORLD. You can allow the panoramic view here.


STRAVA Live Segments allow athletes to compete against their Personal Best (PR) efforts ridden previously on the route with segments using ROUVY or to compete with the King or Queen of the Mountain (KOM or QOM), the fastest rider in that segment. Here is the direct link to STRAVA Live Segments.

To start STRAVA Live Segments at ROUVY, make sure you have the 2.11.0 version or the newer version of the ROUVY App. 


You can manually turn on/off the AUTO 360° CAMERA here to control the camera views completely. This is specifically used for OmniMode routes where you can change the camera angles.


Change the language of the App. Available languages are English, Spanish, Czech, German, Italian, and French.


The UI SCALE is the scale of the dimensions of your Graphical User Interface and User Interfaces like the Menu and the Interfaces in-game. You can increase it max by 150%.


The REALITY LEVEL is a tool, which helps you to set up the level of true load, but only in JUST RIDE mode.

The default is 100%, which is the real load.

If you want a lower load, you can set it to less than 100%. Of course, if you want a higher load, you can set it to more than 100%. With 150% of the reality level, you will get one and a half the higher load, and of course, with 50%, you will get twice the lower.


These are riders that a user can add if they do not want to feel alone during the ride. The maximum number of GHOST RIDERS you can add is 10.

Find out more information about GHOST RIDERS here.


When you finish your route in Just Ride mode, you can continue on another recommended RideNext route automatically, just turn on this feature. More information is in this article.

For more help, please feel free to contact us.


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