ROUVY and Garmin Connect

You can sync your activities created in the ROUVY app directly into the Garmin Connect account (automatically or manually) and/or your outdoor activities from the Garmin device to ROUVY. If you want to get coins to your career from outdoor activities, the activity has to be uploaded automatically.

Imported activities from ROUVY will be viewable in the categories of "virtual cycling" and/or "virtual running".

How do I pair my Garmin with ROUVY?

Go to and log in. Click on your icon and find the Connected Apps section. You find the preview of all possible apps there. Find Garmin there. Click on connect. It redirects you to Garmin login. Log in with your Garmin login details. There is no need to log in again if you are already logged at Save it and agree to the conditions. After you connect, you can choose whether you want to share activities from ROUVY manually or automatically.

Outdoor activities sync

If you want to synchronize Garmin with ROUVY and share your outdoor activities, you have to allow in the second step data sharing from Garmin to ROUVY. It has to be automatically synced activity from the Garmin device to Garmin Connect and to ROUVY.

For more info about outdoor activities click here.



What does mean an auto or manual synchronization?

  • Manual - If you choose the manual option, you will have to go to the training diary, choose the activity you want, scroll down and send it from the table "share training" on the right side. This is a good option if you do not want to have warm-ups and cool-downs in your cloud.


  • Auto - Auto share is a good option if you do not want to care about anything. It sends the activity automatically after the end of the activity. Also, it sends warm-up and cool-down to the cloud.

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