Risoluzione dei problemi relativi alla connessione Internet e ai permessi del firewall


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For ROUVY to run correctly, we recommend an internet connection with a bandwidth of 20 Mbps or higher, with a ping 20-50 ms.

Please, also make sure that your trainer setup has a strong signal from your router! Especially if you have your trainer in a garage, basement or attic! 

Weak signal can can be solved by installing a Wi-Fi signal amplifier or Wi-Fi range extender near your trainer setup.


How to Check Your Connection Speed

You can test your connection speed by going to www.SPEEDTEST.net.

Click the button "GO" and wait for the results of calculations:



Connection Speed is Below the Recommended Limit

If you find that your internet connection speed is below our recommendations, or you have a higher ping, try the following:

  • Check if your trainer setup has a strong enough signal from the router first.
  • Try restarting your router first.
  • If you run ROUVY on your computer, try restarting your computer.
  • Try connecting a LAN cable straight from your computer to your modem.
  • Your connection can be blocked by your proxy or VPN. Try turning them off:
    for Windows, go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> choose the VPN you want to disable and disconnect/ disable it;
    for MAC:  go to System Preferences -> Network -> choose the VPN you want to disable and disconnect/ disable it;
    for mobile phones:
    search for VPN in your mobile phone settings and disconnect/ disable it.
  • If nothing else works and your speed is still low, try contacting your internet service provider as they can resolve the issue on their side.


Software Firewall Issue

Your firewall can block the ROUVY App.

Please, make sure ROUVY has permission to go through.


Firewall permission for Windows users:

  • go to Start menu
  • in the search bar, start typing Allow a program through Windows Firewall,
  • choose the option "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" from the list,
  • select Change Settings, you might be asked for your administrator's password,
  • select the checkbox next to the ROUVY app.
    For more information, please, visit this link




Firewall permission for MAC users:

  • choose icon Apple menu on the top-left corner,
  • go to System Settings,
  • in the sidebar to the left choose Network,
  • then in the main window find Firewall
  • you can turn it on/ off with the switch,


  • if Firewall is on, in the same window go to Options
  • then find click a little "+" button,
  • in the search bar in the top-right corner of the window type ROUVY;
  • find ROUVY app in the list below, and click Open;

You will should be able to see ROUVY in the list of allowed applications:


Your hardware (router, modem) can also be protected by a firewall.
If possible, have your router checked to see if it allows standard HTTPS (port 443) for outgoing traffic and all incoming and outgoing UDP (User Datagram Protocol) traffic on port 14325 (for a route GROUP RIDE and online RACES).


If the problem persists, please feel free to contact us.

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