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TrainingPeaks is the most popular and sophisticated training portal, allowing athletes to create and plan their own training routines and helping coaches guide their athletes through their individual training plans.

We are thrilled to establish an integrated training environment between ROUVY and TrainingPeaks. You can now see your individual training plan in the ROUVY Workouts section, click and start cycling!

This article explains how to turn on ROUVY and TrainingPeaks synchronization, what type to choose, where to find your TrainingPeaks workouts in the ROUVY App and what to remember while creating and synchronizing a new one, and a few words on the importance of the FTP.


If you experience any issues with TrainingPeaks, 

please update your ROUVY App to version 3.1.5 or higher, the bugs are fixed in the higher version.


Switch On Synchronization

To start using TrainingPeaks and ROUVY, all you need to do is to turn on synchronization:

  • Go to and LOG IN your ROUVY ACCOUNT;
  • Click on your ICON in the top right corner;
  • In the drop-down menu, choose ACCOUNT;

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 18.00.32.png

  • Scroll down to see the Connected Apps tab:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 18.02.09.png

  • In the list of available apps, select TrainingPeaks, and click CONNECT;
  • LOG IN to your TrainingPeaks Profile to ALLOW ACCESS for ROUVY;

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 18.02.21.png

  • after you allow access, you should see your TrainingPeaks app in the connected apps list with a green dot.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 16.26.19.png


Please note:
If you cannot connect, you've probably connected your ROUVY account to another TrainingPeaks account.
You cannot connect ROUVY to multiple TrainingPeaks accounts.

First, disconnect your other one, then try connecting to the correct one.

In your account on, please choose the type of synchronization you prefer:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 19.19.09.png

  • Auto synchronization sends the activity automatically after it ends.
    No need to do anything - the process is automatic;
  • Manual synchronization lets you choose which activity you want to synchronize, as you have to do it yourself every time.

How to Syncronize a ROUVY Activity Manually into TrainingPeaks

  • To manually synchronize the activity, first, go to your training diary on

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 19.23.01.png

  • You will see the calendar of your activities as well as a list if you scroll down;



  • Find the activity you want to synchronise and click on it;
  • You will see all the information about the activity, scroll down until you see the Share Training tab on the right;
  • Click connect, log in and send your activity.
    Alternatively, you will see a Send button instead of a Connect button if you've already synchronised your ROUVY and TrainingPeaks accounts.


After you choose your type of synchronization, all data about your ROUVY activities is shared with TrainingPeaks.

TrainingPeaks process the uploaded activities, and, based on the incoming values from ROUVY, changes the status of the workout.

The new workout status is immediately displayed in the TrainingPeaks calendar. The green color means that the workout is completed.


Where can I find my TrainingPeaks Workouts?

After you've syncronised your ROUVY and TrainingPeaks accounts on as described above, you can find your TrainingPeaks Workouts in the ROUVY App in the WORKOUTS section.

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 19.32.42.png


Scroll down until you can see My Collections with your TrainingPeaks tile:

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 16.27.32.png


When you click on Workout of the Day, ROUVY will ask you to synchronize the FTP value.

It happens because the FTP value in the TrainingPeaks app differs from that in ROUVY.

We recommend confirming and synchronizing. Otherwise, the workout profile will be inconsistent with the coach's expectations.


Create Your Pre-defined Workouts

You (or your coach) can easily create a pre-defined workout in TrainingPeaks.

Your workouts are automatically and instantly synced with the ROUVY App for you to be just a few seconds from the ride.

How to create a TrainingPeaks workout for ROUVY?

You can see your TrainingPeaks workout in the ROUVY App, if you or your Coach add a workout to your Training diary.

Please note: you must create/add the workout via the website, not in the App.

Simply click on a DAY in the Calendar and click the PLUS button below.

Please note: ROUVY displays and can synchronize only TrainingPeaks workout that contains specification BIKE WORKOUTS.
Workouts with other specifications are not displayed in the ROUVY App.


Click the BUILD WORKOUTS button.

The only WORKOUT that can be displayed on ROUVY must be classified by the DURATION and % FTP.



Your Workout's FTP

The main benefit of TrainingPeaks workouts in the ROUVY Application is the automatic control of the trainer’s resistance by the ROUVY Application.

The workout profile is based on workout segments. Each segment is defined by duration and % FTP. More on FTP is in this article.

Once the FTP values in TrainingPeaks and ROUVY are not the same, the final workout generated for each ride in ROUVY will set a different higher/lower resistance to a trainer. That is why you need to synchronize FTP values between ROUVY and TrainingPeaks when choosing your workout.

Each day the TrainingPeaks workouts are displayed in your ROUVY account. The only workouts of the day are to be accessible in the ROUVY App.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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