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Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your progress and earning something for your effort.

ROUVY Career brings you a unique opportunity to discover the next level of yourself!

Earn points for each pedal stroke you make, progress in your ROUVY Career, and get rewarded!


How to Start Your ROUVY Career

Starting your ROUVY Career is extremely simple, all you need to do is to

  • have a ROUVY account,
  • make sure your ROUVY App up-to-date
    That is it.

You can progress from a complete beginner to the exceptional Legend club as there are 80 CAREER LEVELS:



How to Level Up in Your ROUVY Career

You go a LEVEL UP when you reach the number of EXPERIENCE points needed for completing the Career LEVEL you are currently in.

Each Career Level consists of several sub-levels that you need to complete first.

You will see how much EXPERIENCE you need to earn on your CAREER dashboard in your App and also on the website

When you level up, you get a new BADGE and valuable prizes from our partners.

The new BADGE will be shown as a 5-second animation in the middle of the screen.

Screenshot 2222024-03-24 at 17.15.46.png


Calibration Phase

It does not matter if you choose a flat or climbing route. We reward your effort in proportion to your fitness.

For that reason ROUVY has so-called CALIBRATION PHASE.

The ROUVY App performs an initial calibration and then starts calculating each athlete’s individual performance based on actual values, such as time, effort, FTP, watts and more.

Then the ROUVY App adjusts the calculation in proportion to the effort expended. The calculation continues to adapt throughout your ROUVY Career, taking into consideration the changes in your fitness. 

Calibration phase is usually done at the latest at the ninth level.

You will not have any advantage of better equipment - the ROUVY App adjusts to you individually and calculates you specific effort. Even if you change the gender of your avatar - it does not affect your individually calculated values and the speed of your Career. 

No cheating, just fair play, sweat and tears to get your next Career Level.


Career Dashboard and Overview

You can find all your ROUVY Career information by clicking on your Nickname on top of your ROUVY App's Dashboard.

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 17.18.04.png

There you can see all your earned EXPERIENCE, the overview of the CAREER, and obtained ACHIEVEMENTS.

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 17.15.46.png

You can also click on DETAILS of your CAREER to see a more detailed overview, including a Career Comparison Histogram.

Career Comparison Histogram helps you to understand the level of your Career by comparing your numbers with the other riders.



Experience: Where and How to Earn It


You can earn Experience points for each pedal stroke you make – in RACES, WORKOUTS, GROUP RIDES, or CHALLENGES, even WARM-UPS or COOLDOWNS.

You can also do these activities outside and import them to your ROUVY App afterwards.

Once earned, the EXPERIENCE is yours, even if you delete the activity.

You can only gain Experience for your cycling effort - it is not possible to buy or gain it any other way.

Pay attention to the Experience counter when you cycle!



For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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