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What do I need to do to be a part of the ROUVY CAREER?

There are no special steps, all you need is to have a ROUVY account and the up-to-date ROUVY App. When you have both, you are in! Just pedal and get your COINS for your efforts.


How many LEVELS are there in the ROUVY Career?



Where/ How/ For what do I earn COINS?

You get COINS for any ride of your choice - WORKOUTRACE, GROUP RIDE, or a CHALLENGE, or even a warm-up or cooldown. You can also get coins for your activities outside, when you import them to your ROUVY App afterwards.


What can I do with my earned COINS?

COINS take you further in your ROUVY Career. Soon we’ll reveal what you can buy with them.


How сan I earn more COINS?

Just cycle more! The more you cycle and successfully complete challenges, the more COINS you'll get. Collecting ACHIEVEMENTS brings you more COINS too. 


How does the mechanism for earning coins work?

Behind every ROUVY Career COIN earned is a unique method of calculation. The app performs an initial calibration and calculates each athlete's personal performance estimate based on the actual values. It then begins to adjust the COINS earned, completely individually in proportion to the effort expended. This calculation is then adapted continuously, throughout the career, taking into account changes in the athlete's fitness.


What is the calibration phase?

The App performs initial calibration to count your performance. At first, we take the time spent cycling as the main measure. Then, during the calibration phase, more metrics are taken into consideration, including time, effort, calculated FTP, watts, and many more.

After the calibration phase, that ends at the ninth level at the latest, the app calculates your efforts and gives you coins according all the criteria. That is how ROUVY creates personal performance estimate based on the actual values.


What is the most efficient way to LEVEL UP?

It does not matter if you choose a flat or climbing route. We reward you with coins in proportion to your athleticism and effort.


Do I have an advantage with better equipment?

You will stand out against other cyclists. You will be able to manage your AVATAR to look like you by choosing or buying a new HELMET, JERSEYS or GLOVES.

For now, your equipment does not affect your performance on the route.


If I delete an activity, will I lose my earned COINS?

No, do not worry, every COIN stays. Once earned, it is counted in the total. Deleted activity has no retroactive effect.


Will I be allowed to change my GENDER status?

You can change your gender on the website, not in the App. This change will not affect the speed of your Career progress, as all the performance is estimated on the actual values of your performance.


Will it be possible to buy gear with real money to progress in my Career?

Unfortunately, no, you will can only earn your virtual COINS via cycling.


Where can I find my old prizes, such as custom JERSEYS and others, which I won in previous WORKOUTS and RACES?

You have your custom JERSEYS and BADGES in your USER PROFILE.


What happens when I earn enough COINS to progress?

You go a LEVEL UP and when you reach the number of COINS for completing the main LEVEL, you get a new BADGE and valuable prize(s) from our partners. The new BADGE will be shown as a 5-second animation in the middle of the screen.


How many COINS do I need to complete a LEVEL?

You will see the amount of COINS needed on your Career dashboard in your App and also on the website.
After you complete all sub-levels in the main LEVEL, it will display how many COINS you need to reach another level.


What is a CAREER Comparison Histogram?

Career Comparison Histogram helps you to understand the level of Career by comparing your numbers with the other riders. Another great tool to keep you motivated and working hard! You can see the percentage of people with similar Career levels.


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