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The countdown is over and you are still at the starting line? Follow these steps to solve the problem. 

Please check if you are using the newest version of the ROUVY App!

You can update it here. Some problems can be solved just by updating the application!


Check your trainer

Just to be sure that your trainer is powered and connected:

  • unplug the trainer from power,
  • wait for 15 seconds, and then
  • plug it back into power.

If it does not help try using your trainer with another app. You'll see if it is the problem on the trainer's or app's side.

Your batteries in sensors might be dying. Try changing your batteries. 


Check your trainer's connection to ROUVY

Your trainer might be connected to some other device:

  • try disconnecting your trainer from every other app or device,
  • turn Bluetooth/ ANT+ off and on again,
  • check that your trainer is connected to ROUVY correctly, more info in this section,
  • check that your internet connection is fast enough, more info and instructions here.


Check your permissions

You need to permit the App on the third side.

  • allow ROUVY in the utility App of the trainer,
  • check that your Firewall allows ROUVY App to function, more info and instructions how to allow access here,
  • if your screen freezes, try downloading your chosen route.


If the problem persists, please, feel free to contact us.

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