ROUVY Companion App

The Companion App is a mobile-friendly App that enhances your experience with ROUVY.

If you are using ROUVY App on your TV, monitor, or desktop, now you can control the ride from the saddle with our ROUVY Companion App.

ROUVY Companion App is now available in STORES (for Android and iOS). Download ROUVY Companion App, connect it to the main ROUVY App, and use Ride Mode to control your ride from your phone.


Pairing ROUVY Companion App with the Main ROUVY App

Do you have the ROUVY App? If not, please, download the ROUVY App and follow these steps: How to begin with ROUVY.

To start with the Companion App:

  • Download the ROUVY Companion App in STORES (for Android and iOS).
  • Launch the ROUVY Companion App on your mobile device.
  • Log in on the ROUVY Companion App with the same credentials you use for the ROUVY App.
  • Launch the main ROUVY App on your PC, Mac, or Apple TV and log in.

Now you can control ROUVY App from your phone using ROUVY Companion App.

From the Home page of the Companion App, click through the sections where you can control and enhance your riding experience.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.04.57.png


What Can I Do with my ROUVY Companion App?

  • You can use Ride Mode during the ride to control your main ROUVY App on your monitor, TV, or screen.



To use RIDE MODE feature please make sure you run ROUVY App on your PC, Mac, or Apple TV
at the same time with your ROUVY Companion App.

Other Companion App features are available anytime without running the main ROUVY App. 


  • You can switch camera views while using OmniMode from the Companion App on your phone.
  • In the Companion App you can search, select and see lists of Events, Routes, and Workouts.
  • You can REGISTER for the Event, and then JOIN it directly from the Companion App.
  • Each Event now has distance, incline and the amount of riders information shown directly on the Event tile.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.06.04.png

  • You will see recommended content. The first recommendation is the same for everyone but it will adapt to your needs when using the ROUVY Companion App.
  • For now, only AR routes, Workouts and official events are possible to search in ROUVY Companion App.
  • Each Route and Workout can be added to the Ride later section.
  • Via the Ride now yellow button, you can start a specific selected Route in the main ROUVY App on your monitor. No need to get up from the saddle.
  • Before each ride, you can choose between Just Ride mode or Time Trial mode, or select the default one in settings. Not sure what that means? Have a look at the Time trial vs. Just ride article.


Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.05.24 (1).png


Ride Mode

During the ride, Ride mode is available, where you can see the progress of the current route. During Ride mode, it is possible to:

  • Stop / pause / resume the ride.
  • Create lap, which allows you to divide the data of your ride into sections (intervals) of your choice. You'll have separate statistics, such as average speed, power, etc, for each of these sections. For example, you can use this if you want to measure how long it takes you to climb a specific hill on the route. To do that, drive down the hill, push Create lap, and when you reach the hill, you push Lap again. In the data, you will then see 3 intervals - before you reached the bottom of the hill, the hill, and what followed after the hill.
  • Show/Hide controls and metrics on your main ROUVY App on your PC, Mac, or Apple TV. On your main screen you can leave only your avatar and the background. All data will be shown in the Companion App only.
  • While using OmniMode you can switch camera views from your phone.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.06.46.png


Ride later

In the Companion App, Routes and Workouts can be saved for later riding. It works as a playlist: the list is created in the same order as the individual rides are added. As soon as the ride is completed, it disappears from the list.

This list is different from My favorite list in the main ROUVY App, it is not connected to the main ROUVY App. This function will only be available in the Companion App.

ride later where.png


Taking and Saving a Snapshot During the Ride

Your Companion App can also help you capture any moment of your route.

At any moment while riding, you can take a snapshot with the "Take Snapshot" button in the Companion App. 


PLEASE NOTE that the snapshot function is only available on AR ROUTES.


Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.09.03.png

After your route is finished we pre-select 3 screenshots for you but you can

  • choose up to 10 screenshots yourself,
  • download them to your device,
  • or upload them to your STRAVA account.

Click on "Select" to choose your own screenshots:

Summary (Snapshots Ready) (1).png

To save the screenshot to your device
click the download symbol on the screenshot
(you can save all of them one by one):

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 19.32.30.png

Or choose up to 10 snapshots
and save them to your STRAVA account, if it is connected.
To know more about connecting your STRAVA account to ROUVY check out this article.

Just choose the ones you like and Save and Close:

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 19.51.48.png


Profile Settings

Edit your Profile Settings. The values you set here will also be reflected in the main ROUVY application and on the website.

You can click on EDIT ACCOUNT button, or directly on the value to be able to edit it.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 18.40.06.png



Stay up to date with news about new partnerships, 3rd party integrations, and other upcoming events you don't want to miss. 



For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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