ROUVY gives you the possibility to synchronize your Wahoo device with ROUVY.

By doing that, you can gain Experience points and progress in your ROUVY Career by cycling outside.

You can sync

  • your Outdoor ACTIVITIES from Wahoo into the ROUVY App, and
  • your ACTIVITIES created in the ROUVY App into your Wahoo device.


Turn On ROUVY and Wahoo Synchronization

To turn on the synchronization:

  • go to and log into your ROUVY account by clicking on the LOG IN button in the top-right corner,
  • click on your ICON in the top-right corner and in the drop-down menu choose ACCOUNT:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 18.00.32.png


  • Scroll down and choose CONNECTED APPS:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 18.02.09.png

  • find Wahoo in the list of available apps,
  • click on CONNECT:


  • you are redirected to the Wahoo page,
  • you need to log in and authorize ROUVY for synchronization:


  • After the authorization is done, you should see your Wahoo app connected in the list of connected apps. It should have a green dot beside it.


That is it! Synchronization is now on!


Types of Synchronization

In your account on in the connected apps tab choose the type of synchronization you prefer:

  • Auto synchronization sends the activity automatically after it ends.
    No need to do anything - the process is automatic;
  • Manual synchronization lets you choose which activity you want to synchronize, as you have to do it yourself every time.



Where Do I See My Wahoo ACTIVITIES in the ROUVY App?

After the synchronization is turned on, your Wahoo ACTIVITIES will synchronize into the OUTDOOR Activities section.
To see them

  • go to and log in to your account,
  • Scroll down to your LAST ACTIVITIES on the home page and clock on OUTDOOR tab;
  • you will see your synchronized activities in ROUVY:


For more info about outdoor activities, click here. For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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