ANT+ connection

ANT+ connection is the wireless technology that allows your wireless devices to talk to each other. Leading brands design ANT+ into top products to ensure that you get the data you want -  when and where you want it.

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ANT+ vs Bluetooth

ANT+ uses the same frequency range as Wi-Fi and BlueTooth (2.4GHz) but has a slower transmission speed than either one. ANT+ works within shorter ranges, usually no greater than 5 feet (1,5 meters). Unlike Bluetooth, you will need a dongle to connect ANT+ to your device. (Only some Android devices have built-in ANT+)

USB 2.0 ANT+ dongle



Mac and Windows 10

ANT+ is supported in ROUVY from version 1.0.0 on Windows 10 and macOS 10.12+ with a USB 2.0 ANT dongle.
If you don't see ANT+ devices in ROUVY, check the USB ANT dongle is well connected and other apps are not using it.
Check the ANT+ drivers if you can not connect.


iOS and Apple TV

There is an option how to convert ANT+ to BLE with a CABLE device. This device will allow you to connect portable fitness devices to applications compatible with Bluetooth Smart. To use it you need to install the CABLE Util app from the App Store.



There are two possible solutions to connect ANT+ devices to your Android:

  • Your device has ANT radio built-in. In this case, the only thing you need is to have ANT Radio Service v4.0 or higher installed, which usually is by default.
  • Your device can connect to USB devices and you plug in a USB ANT Stick. You need to have a USB OTG capable device and plug in the USB ANT stick. In this case, you probably need to install both ANT Radio Service v4.0 or higher and ANT USB Service manually.



If you are not sure, whether your device is capable, you can check the official website, consult your device manual or use 3rd party tools, like ANT Tester.

Please restart ROUVY after installing ANT Service(s).

As ANT+ radio is shared for all apps, there might be other apps using it. If you experience trouble scanning or connecting devices, quit other applications that might use ANT+.
If you use the USB ANT stick, please check that it is correctly plugged in (take special care when you use an extra cover) and also set the correct USB mode.


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