ROUVY AR - Bluetooth connection


!Your Bluetooth has to be turned on!


Windows 10

Here is needed built-in Bluetooth 4.0+. Bluetooth dongles are not supported right now. Some type of dongles could work, but we can not guarantee it. We strongly recommend using only native Bluetooth.


You have to allow permission for the third-party apps in the settings --> Security& Privacy of MAC. BLE could be turned off as default, and all you need is to turn it on manually.



iPhone, iPad, and Android

Make sure you turned on Bluetooth on your device. Open the app, and the trainer/sensor should connect to the ROUVY AR app without any issue in the sensor settings.

Apple TV

Make sure that Bluetooth on Apple TV is turned on.  Allow permission for the third-party apps. You can connect only three sensors to Apple TV.

!We support Bluetooth 4.0 or newer!

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