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When you log into ROUVY App on a new device - whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or even a TV -  the device is added to the list of devices linked to your ROUVY account.

You can use the ROUVY App on multiple devices, however, we allow each user to have a maximum of 5 devices linked to one account.

If the maximum device limit is reached, the account will switch to locked mode, and an error message will appear at the bottom of the app stating that the number of devices has been exceeded and that you need to manage your subscription, see the screenshot below.

maximum devices warning eng.png

In case this happens, all you have to do is delete some devices, so there are only 5, or fewer, active devices left.

Do not forget that devices are added simply by logging in to the ROUVY App on a new device.

Please be mindful of the devices you want to use and do not log in to the ones you don't want to be linked to your account.


How To Edit/ Delete Your Devices

Please, go to our website ROUVY.com:

  • LOG IN to your account on the top-right corner;
  • Click on the MANAGE DEVICES section.

image (6).png


  • You will see the list of your active devices.
  • Click on the REMOVE button to remove any of the devices:

image (7).png


When the necessary amount of devices is deleted, the access to the App will be unlocked.



For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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