Risoluzione dei problemi tra ROUVY e STRAVA


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This article addresses the most common issues the users have with ROUVY and STRAVA.
If you cannot find the answer to your issue in this article, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

For general information about ROUVY and STRAVA, please take a look at this article.
For details on STRAVA Live Segments, please take a look here.

Do not forget that the routes with STRAVA Live Segments are marked by the STRAVA symbol on the tile.



ROUVY and STRAVA are disconnected, I can't connect them

STRAVA ACCOUNT may be connected to another ROUVY ACCOUNT.

In this case, send us the STRAVA ID  - the number in the URL after the forward slash, see the screenshot below - by submitting a request to our customer support team. We can help to solve the issue.



I Cannot See the Ride in STRAVA After Finishing

If you cannot see your activity after finishing it, most often it happens because you are using two apps that are connected to STRAVA at the same time (for example, ROUVY and Garmin Connect).

In those cases, STRAVA sees the ride from the second app as an outdoor activity and labels it as a morning/ evening ride, or something similar - most importantly, the ride gets marked as an Outdoor ACTIVITY and does not get counted.

To solve this issue, you can delete the ride on STRAVA and manually re-upload it from the ACTIVITY DETAILS in the TRAINING DIARY at my.rouvy.com.


The Activity is Not Valid and Not Taken Into Account for the Virtual Segment

First and foremost, STRAVA allows all the community members to flag the activity that seems suspicious to them using the "Activity Flag" feature.

This means that if you've noticed your activity is not counted or valid, very likely it has been flagged by some other user. This removes the segments from the leaderboard completely. You can read more about this feature in STRAVA guidelines.

You can contact our support team to check your specific situation individually.


I Cannot See My PR/ KOM/ QOM

If you cannot see your PR (personal record) on the route, you are probably riding the route for the first time.

Once you complete a ride and the activity is uploaded to STRAVA - you should be able to see your PR avatar on the route.
If you can see your PR but cannot see KOM/QOM (the King/Queen of the Mountain), your GENDER is not set up correctly in the app. You need to check both ROUVY settings and STRAVA settings to make sure your gender is set up correctly in both.

If everything seems correct but you still cannot see PR/ KOM/ QOM - do not hesitate to contact our support team - we will try to help you.


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