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It is a special feature on the ROUVY App optimized for watching RACES. First of all, you need to have the ROUVY App and the ROUVY account to LOG IN.

WATCH MODE is available on Windows, MacBook and Apple TV.

For WATCH MODE, it is possible to use tablets like iPad and Android tablets with 8" screens and bigger.

Android phones and iPhones do not support WATCH  MODE.

  • Open the ROUVY App
  • Click the EVENT button
  • Find your EVENT and then DOWNLOAD VIDEO
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • Click on PARTICIPANTS to see the list of riders
  • Click WATCH and you start the WATCH MODE






It is possible to select a MAP or VIDEO view.

You can see all the important information about riders - their position on the route, standings in the RACE, or their values. You will also be able to choose what to display (splits, specific rider).


Splits results

  • Click MENU



Riders list

  • Click MENU
  • Choose RIDERS



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