Management of Registered Devices

All SUBSCRIPTIONS are linked to the user account in the Subscription Model.

The device (a piece of portable electronic equipment that can connect to the Internet, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer) is registered once you (owner of the subscription) log in to the ROUVY App on a new device (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, MacBook, or Apple TV). You can register only 5 devices; that's the maximum limit.

If the maximum number of devices is exceeded, you will be switched to the locked mode. 

When you exceed the number of maximum allowed devices, you will receive a message in the App:

"Sorry, you have no valid Subscription” or “Your subscription plan has expired. Check the subscription for more information" or “The number of devices has exceeded the maximum. Manage your subscription and delete at least one device”.




Please, go to our website and LOG IN and then:

  • Go to SETTINGS.
  • Open the SUBSCRIPTION section.
  • Click MANAGE DEVICES, and there, you can delete all of your devices. When the devices are deleted, access to the App will be unlocked.


ROUVY subscribers (direct)



EXTERNAL subscribers


NB* If you are a member of FAMILY SHARING, please note that only the MASTER of the subscription is eligible to MANAGE DEVICES.


Video tutorial


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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