Personal Records

ROUVY wants to keep your motivation high and your focus sharp on your cycling journey.

And we are thrilled to bring you your Personal Records (PRs) that are displayed at the end of your ride every time you reach a new milestone!

See how far you've come, and what you've achieved, and celebrate your accomplishments with every new record.



General Information about Personal Records

For any of your Personal Records to be recorded your reality level must be set to 100%!

  • Personal Records are displayed at the end of the ride where you reach it.

  • If you have your STRAVA account connected, then you can save a picture of the record by clicking on "Save to cloud".

  • The records are calculated since the release of the feature on the 27th of June 2023 - previous rides are not counted.

  • When reached, your Personal Records appear under your profile in the ROUVY App.

  • All-time records are calculated since the feature was introduced, last month's records are calculated for the last 30 days (not calendar months).



Types of Personal Records

Here is the list of your Personal Records:

Longest ride

The longest single uninterrupted activity.
Could be anything: just ride mode, race, workout, race, challenge, etc.

Biggest climb

This is the highest climb you've achieved during one activity.

Energy burned

The highest amount of energy burned during one activity.

X-minute power

The highest average power (in Watts) produced during one 1-, 5- or 20-minute activity interval.


The best FTP you've achieved so far.


If something is unclear, do not hesitate to contact us.

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