Daily Pass

Get ready to hit the virtual roads when the weather isn't cooperating!
As a loyal ROUVY rider, you already enjoy 20 km free per month. Now, enhance your experience with full access to the ROUVY world for a limited time.

Please update your ROUVY app to version 3.5.1 or higher!

Introducing the ROUVY Daily Pass - a way to explore everything ROUVY has to offer without committing to a subscription renewal.

Choose from:

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To purchase Daily Passes, you must be a Loyalty Program member and your subscription must be paused.
More information on our Loyalty program is here.

For Group Plans, only plan Owners can buy Daily Passes, but all members gain access.
More on owners and members in this article.


Ready to try the Daily Pass? Just click on this link, or log in to the ROUVY App to buy your Daily Pass.

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For more information about ROUVY Loyalty Program click here. And if you need more information, send us your question here.

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