Family Sharing

Family Sharing is an awesome feature for subscribers that allows them to share their subscription with 2 family members.

In fact, for one price it is possible to use the ROUVY app for three users.

All subscription plans 1, 6, and 12-month and external (iTunes and GooglePlay) subscription include Family Sharing features.

The Master of the Family sharing (the person who is buying/paying the subscription) can add up to 2 family members with their ROUVY username under Family Sharing. Each family member must have his/her own ROUVY account.

When the user doesn't have an account, the user must create his/her own account.

Benefits and rules

  • Family members must use their own ROUVY account.
  • The owner of the subscription (Master) can only register a maximum of two users.
  • The Master (owner of a subscription) can have only 5 devices linked to the subscription. For example, if the Master uses a Desktop, iPhone, and iPad for his own ROUVY Account, he can link only two other devices for Family members.
  • The Family Sharing feature can be managed only on the website by the Master
    If you have already entered the username of the family member, you will not be able to remove it for 31 days (if an incorrect username was inserted, please contact
  • When the Master of the subscription is in the Trial period, it is not possible to use/manage Family sharing.
  • Members of the Family sharing can ride at the same time, but every user must have their own trainer and device.

How to manage ROUVY Family Sharing

  • Head over to the ROUVY website
  • Log in to your ROUVY account with an active subscription (as Master).
  • Go to “Settings” then, select “Subscription” in the menu.
  • Click on the “Manage family sharing” button.
  • Adding/ removing the Family members is the same for external subscribers, but you have to scroll down on the page.
  • When the members were successfully added to the Family sharing, they can see it in their account on the web.


Why can’t I use Family sharing?

Did you meet all the conditions of Family sharing and it still doesn't work?

  • A full count of devices → then the Master must delete the count of devices.
  • The Master of the subscription is in the Trial period → Wait until the Master´s Trial period expires or contact We can end the Trial period immediately.

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