Virtual Partner

If you don't want to ride alone or want to be motivated by someone faster than you, just choose VIRTUAL PARTNERS.

To ride along with a ROUVY VIRTUAL PARTNER:

  • select your ROUTE first,
  • add your partner(s) by clicking on the settings icon first, then by clicking add:

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 16.25.10.png


You can find a partner to chase or someone who matches your tempo or goals.
You can search partners by USERNAME, W/KG, or TIME and compete with them.
You can also ride against yourself to measure your improvement.

You can select as many people as you wish with just a click. 

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 16.34.46.png


If you ride an AR-route, you will see your virtual partner on the route.

Virtual Partners can be added for the activities ridden in the TIME TRIAL or RACE mode and on a Smart Trainer or Smart Bike. These ACTIVITIES are visible to other users.

If you use a Classic Trainer (non-controllable), your ACTIVITIES are visible only to you and not to other users.


Video Tutorial


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