ROUVY Challenges are the unique feature that motivates you for better performance and results while being fun and entertaining.

Each challenge sets different targets and rules that you have to accomplish to get the Career Coins. Ride and finish all tasks in a Race or Time Trial mode before the challenge time is up!

You can ride a Challenge in Just Ride mode, but your Reality Level must be set to 100%. Read more on Just Ride mode and Reality level.

If you've registered but cannot participate - no need to do anything, you can stay registered.

You can newly obtain a unique Jersey for your Avatar by accomplishing a Challenge!
This feature now works for Free Trial Challenge! More unique apparel is coming soon.


Where to Find Challenges

1. Webpage

Log in to your user account > click on your icon on the right top corner > select Challenges.

  • Here is the overview of the ongoing or upcoming challenges.
  • You can join them in the challenge detail.
  • You can also find the history of your challenges.


  • If you click on the challenge, you will find all its info > bonus Coins for the completed challenge, duration, already joined riders task, and standings.


  • Once you successfully finished the challenge, you can see your ranking in the challenge detail:


2. ROUVY app

  • You can join the challenge in the app as well.
  • Challenges are on the top right tile on the dashboard. You can see the details and register for the challenge too. 
  • You can also see the amount of COINS you can get for each challenge.


  • You can also check all your earned badges for completed challenges in the app. Click on the gear icon on the middle top > in the Achievements section tap on "Show all". 



1. Q: All tasks are completed but the challenge is not marked as completed. What should I do?

Check if you've ridden in Time Trial mode, or on Just Ride mode with 100% reality level. If your reality level in Just Ride mode was lower, unfortunately, this does not count as a Challenge.

Also, check your parameters, such as your weight and height - make sure they are set correctly so that you do not show non-human values and you are not disqualified.


2. Q: I rode the route with a wrong route with a similar name. Can it be counted as a finished task for the Challenge? 

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can always copy the name of the route in the challenge detail.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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