Augmented Reality Vocabulary

Standard/Virtual Routes

Video routes available for individual rides without the 3D objects (augmented mode).

Augmented Route 

(also Augmented Reality, Augmented Mode) - ROUVY’s simulation of outdoor cycling with animated 3D objects within real video (2D) route (marked with a special icon “AR”).

Group Ride

You can see other riders on the course in real-time but not able to restart the ride from a start or any other point for all of them. Usually does not have any specific ‘start’ or ‘finish’ point.

Virtual Partners, Virtual Riders

Any previously recorded result chosen for the ride (visualized as a rider, not a bot). 


The Scheduled race of 2+ users connected via the internet on the same route at the same time.


The bots that accompany every real rider’s avatar by default.


Recorded time lap.

Create Split

Create lap / Mark checkpoint.

Public Beta

The app release is available for anyone. The announced functionality is working but minor troubles may occur. 

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