ROUVY - System Requirements

You can run the ROUVY App on these devices.




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system version

Windows 10 with Creators update, Windows 11 High Sierra 10.13+ 16+ 12+ Android 10+
CPU Intel Core i5 or AMD

64bit only

4th generation and newer A7 SoC+ ARMv7 with Neon Support (32-bit) or ARM64 (note, x86 is not supported)
Graphics 2GB Radeon R9 200 series or NVidia GTX 650   4th generation and newer Metal OpenGL ES 2.0+ or OpenGL ES 3.0+

Additional requirements/

recommendations for optimal performance

RAM: 8+ GB

HDD: 4GB of free space

Dedicated Graphics Card

RAM: 8+ GB

Dedicated Graphics Card

4th generation and newer  


Android 8 and newer devices

Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0+

Only Bluetooth Smart communication supported

USB 2.0 ANT+ dongle

Only Bluetooth Smart communication supported


Bluetooth 4.0+


Bluetooth 4.0+/Bluetooth Smart

*NB: Chromebook and Android TV are not supported

*NB: Some older devices can have a problem starting and running the app

*NB: With ANDROID 11 (probably caused only by Samsung devices) - ROUVY crashed - There is a bug on a low level that we can not fix. It might help to clear the Play Store cache as described here.


Check your trainer compatibility

  • Do you have a Smart Trainer or Smart Bike? Check its compatibility here.
  • Do you have a Classic and Turbo Trainer? Check its compatibility here.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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