Get ready to ride with these tips


Before a ride

Fill in enough bottles depending on the number of hours you plan on riding. Usually, one bottle per hour is sufficient, or 500ml every 15 minutes.

Make sure you have a battery charger for your device as AR routes tend to drain batteries faster due to the graphics processing.

Place some towels nearby to mop up and prevent a pond from forming below your bike.

Have a fan or two nearby because it is easy to overheat, especially in summer and on hill climbs. 


Join the Facebook Group

In this community, one will find that he/she shares a lot in common with the other ROUVY users. A rider can connect with others from all over the world who share similar cycling goals and passions. This Group will provide you with the latest news, updates, resources, shared videos, rides and user info that you may feel free to comment on and get involved in and be motivated by.


Take part in the ROUVY Cycling Career

Complete the tasks on every LEVEL of the cycling CAREER to eventually make it to LEGEND status. This is not just a destination but also a journey that motivates you to succeed every step of the way.



Complete Challenges

Challenge yourself and compete with others. You will earn a badge that will be visible in the App and at



Read the Challenge description

Before the CHALLENGE starts, go to:

  2. Open EXPLORE
  3. Select CHALLENGES
  4. Find the CHALLENGE you want
  5. Click on it and read the description (time, tasks, routes)


Do not forget to change the mode

You can ride in JUST RIDE mode but you will not get credit for this activity. The reason is that you can move your AVATAR wherever you want to and can also change the REALITY LEVEL, so it is easier for you. And unfortunately, there is no proof you rode the whole route and on 100%.

Do not forget to switch back to TIME TRIAL mode. Check the mode after every update.


Virtual partners

You can compare yourself to your previous ride time. Ride a route in TIME TRIAL mode, and you can challenge yourself again and again and even choose a few of your former times in one ride at the same time.


Try a little of everything

You can ride just by yourself. You can try our GROUP RIDES and ride with other people who are better than you but still try to match their pace. You can register and enter RACES. Challenge other people and compete with them. You can also ride alone on either an AR route or a non-AR route (no avatars, user-uploaded video) wherever in the world you’d like to explore and watch the landscape unfold. There is a lot ROUVY can offer.


Watch mode

Do you have a free or recovery day but still want to be involved and watch your friends see how they battle up the hills or compete with their friends in a RACE? You can use our WATCH MODE to see them.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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