What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power. It represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes. We calculate the FTP as 95% average power of 20 minutes.

Why should I measure my FTP?

It is really important to undertake the test to train in the most efficient and productive way possible. Having your FTP accurate and up-to-date is really crucial. You need it to train in the correct intensities.

Where can I make an FTP test?

You can make it only in the ROUVY WORKOUTS app now.

What length of warm-up should I set?

A really thorough warm-up is highly recommended. It is vitally important for the best test you can undertake. So choose a rather longer warm-up. 15 minutes should do the trick.

What target FTP should I set when I have never done an FTP test?

It depends on how good your physical performance is. From 1 (elite performance) to 5 (not trained) divided by sex.

*for exercise:  I'm a man and my weight is 80kg, my performance is 3 ( I choose 2,80 ). I have to count 2,80 * 80 = 224. It means I will enter the FTP target to 224W. 

This table can also be of help to compare your results to those of elite athletes.

FTP values are based on a survey by Allan Hunter and Andrew Coggan, Training and Racing with a Power Meter (Boulder, CO: VeloPress, 2010)(1 lb = 0,454 kg).

Under what circumstances should I undertake the test?

To make the test as accurate as it can be, you should be fresh. For instance, take a few days off of your normal training or get some good sleep. Lack of rest might cause you to be unable to sustain the maximum effort. So you will artificially depress your FTP. Don't take too much time off, because you might have a problem with over-freshness. Also, when you are testing your FTP indoors, you should get some cooling to reproduce the wind-like effect that cools you outdoors.

It is not good for you to be nervous about FTP testing, although it should be painful at the end of the test. It should be a good pain, like when you are riding up the hill. It is essential to test every 6 weeks.

The test itself

The test consists of 3 main parts: Warm-up, Main test, and Cooldown.

The details for Warm-up are given above and Cooldown speaks for itself. Both Warm-up and Cooldown are adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes. The default value is 10 minutes for both.

This screen shows the setup of the test

  • Select the test from the menu
  • Set your Warm-up and Cool downtimes
  • Switch to “Your own FTP value,” calculate your approximate FTP from the table, and set it
  • Start the FTP Test

You can change Target Power to resistance that suits you. The graph will adjust as you change the power. You can also skip the Warm-Up and Cool Down on the top right-hand corner, whenever you feel ready for the test. The main test cannot be skipped or paused.

If you feel the resistance of your trainer is too hard or too soft, you can change it with +/-.

Changing the power in the main test will directly affect the final output.

Right after you finish the test, the result screen will pop up. There you can see the Summary of the FTP test and, finally, there is your FTP calculated. You can change your FTP directly from this screen.

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