The circumference of a bike wheel is defined as the distance around the outside of the wheel. This distance includes the additional width that a tire brings to the wheel. (The circumference is mostly mentioned on the wheel. If not, you have to measure it manually.)

To get accurate results from a Speed Sensor, input your wheel CIRCUMFERENCE only if you use
a Classic Trainer - it returns the speed, and the speed is correct only when the CIRCUMFERENCE is set correctly.

A Smart Trainer, Smart Bike, or Power Meter immediately returns Watts, and there is no need for a CIRCUMFERENCE input.

Here is how you select the circumference of your bike wheel:

  1. Open the ROUVY App
  2. Click the CONNECT SENSORS button in the left top corner
  3. Choose the CLASSIC TRAINER option
  4. Click the green ADD TRAINER button
  5. Select the brand and type of your trainer
  6. Click the WHEEL SIZE option
  7. Select your WHEEL SIZE
  8. Click the CONTINUE button 





That's it! Your wheel size is set up. All that remains is to connect the Speed Sensor and enjoy a ride.  


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