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FTP - Functional Threshold Power. It represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes. We calculate the FTP as 95% average power of 20 minutes.


Where to find and how does it work

The test consists of 3 main parts: WARM-UP, MAIN TEST and COOLDOWN.

Click on the WORKOUT feature in the App.


Select the FTP TESTS from the MENU.


You are required to enter your estimated FTP. If you are not sure, you can start with 200W. We add 5% to your entered value and that becomes your target power.

If this is too hard, after you rest, restart the test and lower the value accordingly. The power value represents a power output you should be able to sustain for 1 hour even though the test itself only lasts 20 minutes.


Start the FTP TEST.


You can change the resistance to what suits you. The graph will adjust as you change the power. You can also skip the WARM-UP and COOLDOWN on the middle right side, whenever you feel ready for the test. The main test cannot be skipped or paused.

Changing the power in the main test will directly affect the final output.


You will get your new FTP value in the workout summary after the FTP test.




1. Q: Why should I measure my FTP?

A: It is really important to undertake the test to train in the most efficient and productive way possible. Having your FTP accurate and up-to-date is really crucial. You need it to train in the correct intensities.

2. Q: What length of warm-up should I set?
A: A really thorough WARM-UP is highly recommended. It is vitally important for the best test you can undertake.

3. Q: What target FTP should I set when I have never done an FTP test?

A: It depends on how good your physical performance is. From 1 (elite performance) to 5 (not trained) divided by sex.


*for exercise: I'm a man and my weight is 80kg (176lbr), my performance is 3 ( I choose 2,80 ).
I have to count 2,80 * 80 = 224. It means I will enter the FTP target as 224W.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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