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For all new users, ROUVY provides a FREE TRIAL PERIOD. 

Every user gets 7 days for free to test the ROUVY App and make a decision on whether to purchase a subscription or not.

Activate your Free Trial Period, participate in our Free Trial Period Challenge, and subscribe to become a member of the ROUVY cycling world.


Free Trial Period Activation

The Free Trial Period gives you cross-platform access to all AR routes and Events. Non-AR routes are not available.

To receive the free 7 days, you need to do 2 simple steps:

  • CREATE a ROUVY ACCOUNT and LOG IN - step-by-step instructions are in this article;
  • Enter your credit card details to activate the 7 days of Free Trial Period.


Your TRIAL PERIOD starts immediately after you enter your credit card details. 



You can always check your current membership status on ROUVY.com:



Free Trial Period Challenge

As a new user, try our FREE TRIAL PERIOD Challenge. 

Not only can you get to know ROUVY cycling - you will get a unique preset with a unique JERSEY for your AVATAR that can only be obtained in this Challenge.



Free Trial Period Expiration

After the expiration date of your Trial, remember that your ROUVY account stays active and keeps all SETTINGS, information, and activities.


If you do not choose your subscription plan before the Trial Period expires,
you will be charged with a one-month subscription!

To continue riding with ROUVY, you need to purchase a ROUVY SUBSCRIPTION

More information on pricing can be found here, and more information on how to purchase is in this article.



Free Trial and Subscription Purchase

If you purchase your subscription during your Free Trial Period directly through ROUVY - you will be charged when your Trial Period Expires.

We strongly recommend purchasing your subscription directly at ROUVY, however, you can buy a subscription through iTunes and GooglePlay, and still use a Free Trial Period - more information is in this section.Trial_3.jpg


We have a Free Trial FAQ article to answer the most common questions, take a look at it.

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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