Catalogue of Virtual Routes

The latest updates have made it easier for users to find routes. The courses are divided into different categories. Also, another good thing is that if you have found a great route that you like, there is a folder to add only your favorite routes. 


Where to find and how it works

You can ADD and REMOVE routes from MY FAVORITE folder through the website:


Once you open the App and if you go to the route catalog, under my MY FAVORITE, you will be able to see all your favorite routes.

If you are in the FREE TRIAL PERIOD, you can only access AR routes. To be able to access Non-AR routes, users need to have an active subscription. Here you can find more information about AR and Non-AR routes.  


After finishing the ACTIVITY, you can ADD the route to the MY FAVORITE category too.



Hot tips

With ROUVY, you can easily search for the routes using FILTERS, you can do this both from the website and the App. If you want to search for a certain route but have forgotten the name of the course, you can search for the route by typing three letters, and the routes will pop up. The images below will help and guide you.

ln the App


On Website



For more help, please feel free to contact us.


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